It’s that magical time of the year again — filled with twinkling lights, laughter, and the occasional stress-induced meltdown. Let’s face it, jingling all the way through the holidays can sometimes feel like a marathon, so we’re here to help you get through the silly season with a survival guide to keep stress at bay and help you enjoy every part of it.

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Christmas is meant to be one of the best days of the year, but it can be hard not to fall into the trap of setting huge expectations — and then feeling super-stressed and overwhelmed with everything that needs doing. So, plan ahead and give everyone a job, from setting up the Christmas tree, to helping in the kitchen or wrapping the presents. Sharing the load not only helps everything run smoothly, but also ensures that everyone feels like they are a part of the fun.

Budget like a boss

Creating a Christmas budget might sound about as fun as getting coal in your stocking, but it is a game-changer. Clearly listing out who you need to get gifts for and allocating budgets to each person can save a last-minute rush to the shops, while also giving you the creative space to consider what each person may truly cherish. Meaningful presents that show your creative side are worth more than extravagant ones, and studies back that up. Stick to your budget and your future self (and bank account) will thank you.

Indulge a little (or a lot)

The holiday season and guilty pleasure go hand in hand. Worried about overindulging? Relax – it’s Christmas, after all! Allow yourself to savour those festive treats mindfully. Balance is key, so enjoy that extra piece of pav guilt-free and know that indulging over one or two days will not drastically interrupt your health and fitness goals. For a surefire way to get some fruit & veg into your system in between lavish meals, remember to take your daily shots!

Sweat it out, Santa style

Exercise during the holidays — it’s the ultimate stressbuster. Sneak in a 10-minute evening walk, challenge the family to a round of backyard cricket, or take a refreshing swim at your nearest watering hole. There are endless studies that prove moving your body outside in nature has a hugely positive effect on stress and anxiety.

Don’t forget to schedule “me-time”

During the festive frenzy, it’s easy to forget about yourself. That’s where ‘me-time’ comes in. Schedule moments for joy and relaxation, whether it’s laying out with a good book, having a relaxing bath, or spending some time out of the house doing something you love for yourself. Establish those boundaries and communicate them to your loved ones for a happier household all-round.

Beauty sleep, all the way

Long summer nights may call for plenty of booze and BBQs, but your body knows best. Stick to a sleep routine that suits you, and try to go to sleep at the same time every night. A well-rested you can tackle holiday madness with far more energy and enthusiasm. Friend and family get-togethers are fantastic, but try to limit the ultra-late nights - nothing beats feeling refreshed after a solid night's sleep!

Finally, take a deep breath, relax and soak it all in. Remember to savour every moment of this magical holiday, embrace the joy, and cherish the time spent with those you love the most. Happy holidays from the team at Nutrient Rescue!


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