If you're struggling to get inspired for your gift-giving this year, we have curated some handy tips and ideas to help you out. Whether you are well versed in the DIY world, or you are dipping your toes in for the first time, below are some suggestions that cater to every budget and skill level.


Homemade Baking

Starting off with an absolute classic, nothing says “I love you” more than the delicious taste of homemade baking. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen either! There are plenty of no-bake recipes that are easy to whip up and store easily, like our delicious and nutritious cranberry bliss balls.  
Another idea is to create a baking mix by loading up the ingredients for spiced gingerbread or chocolate cake into a jar – all the recipient needs to do is add in the liquids and they will be good to go! Our favourite how-to is here.


  • Mason jars 
  • Ingredients for chosen recipes  
  • Decorative labels or tags 
  • Ribbon or twine for jar decoration

    Budget: $ - $$

    Varies on chosen recipes, but generally affordable.


    Make a mixtape - but modernised!

    Although cassettes are great for a retro effect, you can make things even easier for yourself with a custom playlist. Write out a list of songs that you associate with your loved one, or songs that mean something special to the both of you.


  • Spotify or similar music streaming service 
  • Pen and paper for handwritten list 
  • Optional: A customized playlist cover graphic (to show off a cute picture of you both!)

    Budget: $

    Free (if using an existing subscription, otherwise minimal).


    Pick a bouquet of wildflowers

    For nature enthusiasts or those with an appreciation for beauty, flowers are a fail-proof gift. Whether you pop into a local farm, a florist, or even your own backyard (we would recommend not jumping over the fence to your neighbour's garden), you can put together a gorgeous selection of flora to show you care.  
    For an extra touch, consider the trend of drying a fresh bouquet on your own! Trim any excess foliage, cut the stems to around 7 inches, secure them with a rubber band or twine, and hang the bouquet upside down in a dark, dry, well-ventilated space. Allow about two weeks for the drying process. 


  • Pruning shears or scissors 
  • Twine, rubber band or ribbon for bundling 

    Budget: $ - $$

    Low to moderate, depending on where the flowers are sourced


    Homemade lip scrub

    Indulge in the realm of pampering and self-care with a homemade lip scrub, striking the perfect balance between practicality and luxury. Crafting them is super easy, and the best part is, they won’t break the bank! Here's our favourite recipe.


  • Small jars or containers 
  • Sugar, coconut oil, and flavouring (e.g., vanilla extract) 
  • Labels for jar
  • Budget: $

    Inexpensive, with common kitchen ingredients


    DIY custom mug

    Express your artistic flair while crafting a unique and thoughtful present in the form of DIY-crafted mugs. They are both functional and fun, so grab your paint and brushes to get started. You can find some more instructions here.


  • Plain white mugs
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes (variety of sizes)
  • Optional: painter's tape to help with clean lines
  • Optional: clear sealant to protect the artwork
  • Budget: $ - $$

    Generally affordable and a fun activity to do with friends or family.


    Personalised gift basket

    For those with a slightly more flexible budget, a personalized gift basket is an excellent choice that shows your consideration! Customize the contents based on the recipient’s preferences – whether they’re a foodie, a skincare enthusiast, or a dedicated bookworm.

    Potential materials:

  • Basket or hamper  
  • Gourmet treats (e.g., artisanal chocolates, cheese board goodies) 
  • Wine or champagne  
  • Spa essentials like a nice candle or plush robe  
  • Customized items (e.g., engraved glasses, monogrammed towels) 
  • Optional: add a handwritten note to add a personal touch

    Budget: $$ - $$$

    This DIY gift may have a higher budget, ranging from moderate to high, depending on your chosen items and their quality.


    And lastly, for a quick and easy gift that shows you care about your recipient's health and wellbeing, secure one of our Christmas Gift Packs, containing a 30-day supply of Double Shot, some fun accessories and some goodies from Ethique. 

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