Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets
Double Shot™ Sachets

Double Shot™ Sachets

30x10g sachets.

Created by blending our Red Shot and Green Shot, the Double Shot is the ultimate combination of superfoods, and contains the equivalent of 4 servings of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in every sachet.

The Double Shot combines the natural energy boost of boysenberries and blackcurrants with the micronutrients and proven health benefits of green plant food.

Each of the 30 sachets contains the right amount of powder for each daily shot. Sachets are an easy and convenient way to take your shots when you're on the go or travelling. 100% New Zealand grown and made.

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4 Handfuls of fruit & veg in 1 scoop
$2.43 Cost per serving
Zero added sugars and flavours
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Health Benefits

Anthocyanin-rich berries help with boosting your energy, and supporting your immune function due to their high levels of vitamin C. Anthocyanins help to protect against free radicals which contributes to ageing and inflammation. Known to improve cardiovascular and lung health, and enhance athletic performance and recovery. Blackcurrants support brain and mental health and help to improve focus.

Leafy green vegetables help with improving your gut biome, removing toxins, and improving liver function. As well as being full of fibre, they help fight inflammation, as well as improve hair, skin and nails.


Yes. Wheat and barley leaf are harvested while they are a young plant before a head of grain has formed. This is what makes them gluten free.

Wheat leaf, barley leaf, broccoli sprout, spearmint leaf and manuka leaf are certified organic. Where possible we source organic blackcurrants. Boysenberry is not organic as they are susceptible to botrytis (fungus) if not managed with a fungicide, which is applied at flowering (not on the actual fruit). All harvested product is tested for residue and only used if no trace of chemical is found.  

No. Our powders are made of 100% natural ingredients and nothing else. Any sweetness is naturally derived from the plants themselves.

Yes. Our ingredients are naturally high in fibre. Our superfood powders are wholefoods, which means the ingredient is gently dried and then powdered thereby carrying with it all the natural benefit of the fresh plant.

Yes. Our superfood powders are made from 100% natural ingredients with nothing else added. No preservative, additives, sweeteners… or superlatives.

We always recommend taking them in the mornings, as some of the ingredients stimulate detoxification systems and boost energy. The morning is also when you likely follow a routine thereby making it easy to remember to take your shot. Taking it in the afternoons is also fine, although we wouldn’t recommend taking your shot in the evenings or before bedtime.

The flavour combines the earthiness of greens with the easy-to-drink sweetness of blackcurrant and boysenberry. Double Shot tastes like freshness in a bottle and is a great way to increase your daily consumption of green and red fruits and vegetables.

There are many ways you can enjoy your superfood powder. Putting the powder into freshly squeezed juice or coconut water instead of plain water is an option, as is using the powders in a smoothie. Nutrient Rescue is also working with chefs to develop recipes using the powders which you can try here.

No. Our superfood powders are intended to supplement a healthy fresh balanced diet, not to be used as a replacement for getting your five or more serves of fruits and vegetables.

scoop. shake. shot

Making your Double Shot is super easy

Dial up your nutrition the smart way

with our blend of 100% natural nutrient-dense superfoods

100% Natural

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

Preservative & Additive Free

No refined sugar

Traceable Nutrients