Fill your body with goodness

Superfood powders taken as a daily shot, for better body and mind health. 100% natural and grown in New Zealand.

"My whole body feels so in balance. I’m sleeping better and my hair and skin has more life and light. The best purchase I’ve made. An investment in my health."

Margie Cook

“Nutrient Rescue is a MUST in my life, I cannot survive without it. If you need energy, need to feel good about yourself, need to know lots of goodness is going into your body, you MUST get onto this stuff!”

Jo Orawiec

"Double Shots have been my go to energy and vitality hit for a while now. Its like magic in a shot glass."

Mischa Clouston

“I will never miss a day taking this wonderful supplement. It outweighs any other vitamins I have ever tried.”

Christine Hutchison

“I feel amazing after 2 weeks of taking double shot daily. Definitely the best investment in my health that I have ever made.”


"Without a doubt since starting my daily Nutrient Rescue shot I feel more overall energy & wellbeing. Now each morning I crave the stuff, has definitely helped my sleep patterns & it’s a win win for me!"

Lynda Sycamore

"The vitamin pills have gone as nutrient rescue covers it all. Hair, skin, nails and energy, in my 60's this is the best anti ageing product I have ever come across."

Christine Fraser

"I have to say the Double Shots are a game changer. I have so much more energy since I've been taking it (around 2 months) and can definitely tell when I haven't taken it."

Melissa Flannery

Nutrition to nourish your body

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The journey to a healthier you starts now! Our superfood blend of dark berries and leafy greens will help you feel amazing, inside and out. Each shot is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. One daily scoop of our famous Double Shot is the easy way for you to thrive. 

It’s simply 100% natural, guaranteed goodness. 

30 servings
Only $2.30 cost per serving
Zero added sugars and flavours
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100 reasons to give us a try

Naturally, we're 100% New Zealand-grown

Organic goodness is easy in Aotearoa New Zealand. From our lush farms to our diverse climate, we’re in the perfect spot for growing quality superfoods. Each shot is made of the best ingredients New Zealand has to offer.

Our people are invested, too. The farmers we partner with care about the nutritious
food they grow just as much as the land it comes from.

Ingredients with impact

We believe in the power of simplicity, and it all begins with great ingredients. Our eight
superfoods are handpicked for their effectiveness and nutrient potency.

They’re harvested at their peak, dried and powdered to lock in vitamins and minerals.
That’s it. Just 100% natural, unaltered wholefoods to help you thrive.

Dial up your nutrition the smart way

with our blend of 100% natural nutrient-dense superfoods

100% natural

Vegan friendly

Gluten free

Preservative & additive free

No refined sugars

Traceable ingredients