Eight super ingredients

New Zealand's best sustainably-sourced superfoods.

Locally grown goodness

Our ingredients share one thing in common: they're all highly effective and packed with micronutrients. We've done away with long ingredient lists, as our eight superfoods stand up to the test all on their own. Simple, unaltered whole foods are all you need for an all-natural daily boost.

Organic wheat leaf

This wellbeing winner brings together a top combo of minerals and vitamins. It contains beneficial chlorophyll and is naturally gluten-free for the sensitive guts among us.

Organic barley leaf

Harvested at its peak, its high nutrient content means you get plenty of plant-powered benefits. This wonder leaf also goes by the name barley grass.


Vitamin C is a game-changing antioxidant, and it takes centre stage for this berry. We pick this low-sugar fruit at its richest to add an extra sweet kick to your scoop.

Organic spearmint leaf

Our Canterbury-grown spearmint elevates the taste of our shots. Alongside its unmistakable zing, it has a long list of health benefits.


This dark berry has a world-leading reputation. It's packed full of vitamins, minerals and anthocyanins to help you feel amazing.

Organic mānuka leaf

The amazing health properties of this leaf go far beyond the fan-favourite honey. People have used it as a powerful health and wellbeing tool for centuries.

Green pea

Don't let its size deceive you; this small superfood is packed with protein and folate. Alongside its health benefits, we also add it to our shots to give a touch of sweetness.

Broccoli sprout

The tender shoots from sprouting broccoli seeds are young but mighty. By harvesting them early, you benefit from countless vitamins, minerals and micronutrient

A world of good in every shot!

Vitamins and minerals

Our bodies don’t naturally produce micronutrients in the quantities we need, so eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important for a healthy body and mind. Our shots contain the equivalent of 4 handfuls of red berries and leafy greens to give you a micronutrient boost to help fuel your body.


Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body by fighting off free radicals which can damage cells*. They contribute to normal immune system function, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Including foods in your diet that contain antioxidants is a great way to invest in your health now and in the future.

100% natural

Our wholefood powders contain no additives, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind - just as nature intended. You’re giving yourself the best nutrition that’s not only good for you, but kind to the planet as well.

A healthier gut

Your gut is complicated and requires extra love to keep it running smoothly. Prebiotics from fresh fruits and leafy vegetables lay the groundwork for better microbiome. 

It all starts in New Zealand

New Zealand’s fertile backyard is the perfect spot for growing high-quality ingredients. To make the most of our land, we partner with local, sustainably-minded farmers up and down the country. They grow the best on offer, which we pick, dry and powder into your daily shot.

our farmers

5th generation family orchard

our farmers

Pioneers in organic farming

our farmers

Boysenberry orchard

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