A world of good in every shot

Our superfood powders are jam-packed with important micronutrients to support the complex working systems of your body, so you experience better health and wellbeing.

Heart health

A world of good in every shot!

Vitamins and minerals

Our bodies don’t naturally produce micronutrients in the quantities we need, so eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is important for a healthy body.

100% natural

Our wholefood powders contain no additives, preservatives or sweetness of any kind. Just as nature intended.


The red berries in our shots are exceptionally high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals which are known to contribute towards inflammation in the body causing disease.


Much of our health stems from our gut biome. Our shots are wholefoods, which means all the fibre and goodness of the plant is retained. Being in powdered form also means your body more easily absorbs all the vital nutrients.

Eight natural ingredients

Organic wheat leaf

Organic barley leaf

Organic spearmint

Organic blackcurrant

Organic mānuka leaf

Green pea

Spray-free boysenberry

Organic broccoli sprout

Backed by research

Based on extensive research and clinical studies, we identified eight red and green ingredients that have proven health benefits.

Polyphenol-rich red berries have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, known to help improve immunity, cognition and reduce oxidative stress.

Phytonutrient leafy greens help detoxify the body, support gut health, reduce oxidative stress and boost metabolism and energy.

Find out more about the research and studies behind our powerful ingredients.

Key statistics

30 seconds

and you’re done

in one Double Shot

83% of our customers report feeling better about their health and wellness after taking their shots daily for 30 days

One Double Shot is

the equivalent of 4 serves of fruit and veg

New Zealand blackcurrants have

1.5 times higher level of anthocyanins

than other berries

6.6 times more antioxidant activity

in one Red Shot than 1 serve of fruit and veg

Care for our land

The most nutritious plants are grown in naturally fertile soils. It's why all our ingredients are grown by local New Zealand farmers that believe in sustainable farming. Our ingredients are picked at their prime, freeze-dried and powdered, making our shots as nutritious and healthful as they can be.

our growers

Organic blackcurrant farm

our growers

Pioneers in organic farming

Dial up your nutrition the smart way

with our blend of 100% natural nutrient-dense superfoods

100% natural

Vegan friendly

Gluten free

Preservative and additive free

No refined sugar