We totally love talking up our superfood powders! But why just take our word for it? Take a peek at what everyone else is saying – they've got some awesome stories to share that really capture the magic of our superfood powders.

Samsara's recovery story

After beating cancer at 23 years old, Samsara found herself struggling to get back to her old energy levels - a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation. After taking Nutrient Rescue for 4 months, she shares how the shots were a 'game-changer' and helped her in achieving her goals.

Samsara - Psychology student

Busy mum with low energy

Meet Ashleigh, a health-conscious, busy young mum who found herself struggling with low energy after having her second child. But that all changed when a friend recommended Nutrient Rescue. Watch her story to see how it gave her the boost she needed to tackle the demands of motherhood while working full-time.

Ashleigh - NZ Army Officer and mum

A new lease on life

Sheryl lives a full and active life and aspires to have high energy levels for years to come. She shares how the Nutrient Rescue Double Shot has helped her to stay on track with her goals, and how the "liquid life" has got her to where she is today.

Sheryl - Environmental Management student

First time dad a true believer

Watch how Sharn, a busy business owner, husband, and father, has turned from sceptic to daily shotster. His morning routine now includes the Nutrient Rescue Double Shot, which provides a convenient solution for maintaining a balanced diet during his frequent travels for work. Sharn has experienced a boost in energy levels and quicker recoveries from colds and flu, proving that taking care of himself has never been easier.

Sharn - Film maker, surfer, musician and dad

Lu's inspiring journey with Crohns

Lu is a nurse and mum to an 11 year old daughter. She has Crohns Disease which meant she wasn't getting the right nutrients she needed. "Before taking the Shots I always felt tired, and although I’m a parent and I work, I don’t feel tired anymore. I feel like I’m in remission and I don’t have any issues anymore. I feel amazing.” An inspiring story from a superwoman!

Lu - Nurse and mum

Severe fatigue a thing of the past

Stefanie suffered with severe fatigue as a result of a concussion from a car accident. Watch to see how Nutrient Rescue has helped ease her symptoms. “The headaches had gone, and I was so full of energy I was on top of the world. It changed my life completely and gave me everything back."

Stefanie - Runner, cyclist and avid outdoors person

Simon's heart warming journey with Parkinson's

"Since Ryman I've been searching for a new mission, one that would be less taxing on my health and more importantly one that might actually slow down the progression of Parkinsons and improve my quality of life. I discovered Nutrient Rescue late last year. I was my usual sceptical self but I couldn’t argue with the evidence - after just a few weeks of taking the shots I felt way better."

Simon - Director and avid hiker
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