There's a war raging in your body right now, and it only gets worse the older you are. That's what the experts are saying.

It's the ANTIOXIDANTS versus the FREE RADICALS. You're in trouble if the free radicals gain ascendancy. They create oxidative stress and toxins which accumulate in your body as you age, causing inflammation and ultimately causing you to suffer poor health.

You need to double down on the antioxidants (the good guys) if you want to win the war, or at least neutralise the free radicals!

Like Pac-Man, you need to power up regularly as your body is naturally producing free radicals all the time. When you eat, breathe, exercise, and expend energy - it's called living!

So, what is a common example of an antioxidant that gives us power?

Vitamin C for starters. We know that's good for us.

Less well known are the anthocyanins. These are potentially the most powerful antioxidants, so you definitely want plenty on your side. Anthocyanins are found in plants that exhibit the trademark red, blue and purple colourings - generally the darker the colour, the more potent they are. Some of the highest levels found on the planet are present in New Zealand grown blackcurrants. That's why the greatest ingredient in our shots are blackcurrants. Organically grown to maximise the nutrients and carrying little or no toxins on board. Sweet!
Recent research studies are pointing to anthocyanins having a critical role in the fight against chronic disease.

Brain health trials show that "Regardless of the mechanism behind the neuroprotector effects of anthocyanins, they result in memory improvement." They also showed improvement in motor skills.

It's a similar story with heart health. The evidence is pointing to anthocyanins being "A potential, safe candidate for prevention and therapy of Cardiovascular disease". Harvard Medical School is talking about it too.

"Laboratory studies and many large-scale observational studies (those that query people about their eating habits and supplement use and then track their disease patterns) have noted benefits from diets rich in antioxidants, particularly those coming from a broad range of colourful vegetables and fruits".

It's not just diseases that a "power up" will assist. Most of the cells in your body will benefit from the neutralising effect of having more antioxidants on board. That explains why many of our shotsters report stronger nails and hair, and their friends and family describe their skin as glowing.

It's your turn! Power up like Pac-Man and get started here.


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