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Get eight superfoods in one shot.

Nutrient Rescue helps you unlock your most vibrant potential self with a powerful combination of eight New Zealand grown nutrient-dense superfoods, picked at their prime, dried and powdered - ready to be taken as a convenient and affordable daily shot.

Get Started Pack
Get Started Pack
Get Started Pack
Get Started Pack
Get Started Pack
Get Started Pack

Get Started Pack

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The Double Shot is the ultimate combination of New Zealand grown antioxidant-rich red berries and organic leafy greens. Join the 83% of daily Shotsters who reported improved health and wellbeing from taking their daily shots.

The Get Started Pack includes:

  • 30 days supply of Double Shot.
  • A FREE Essentials Kit worth $15.50 – including a shaker, shaker ball, shot glass, Double Shot scoop, and a fridge magnet.
  • Your Wellness Guarantee - we promise a full refund if you don't feel better after 30 days of taking the shots daily.

Specially formulated to reduce tiredness & fatigue, support natural immunity, fight inflammation, and foster healthy hair, skin and nails.

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Scoop. Shake. Shot.

I haven't had a cold this year!

"So many things I love about my shots, but the best one is the energy, no afternoon slump, I am noticeably more active and really noticed a difference the one time I forgot to take my afternoon shot!!! Haven’t had a cold this year either!"

Amanda Beauchamp
My immunity is the best it's ever been.

"I love the increased energy and that I haven’t been sick since taking the shots. Before, I would have caught the usual cold or flu over the winter season but now I feel my immunity is the best it has ever been."

Charlotte King
The shots have been life changing for me.

"The shots have been life changing for me. I have had a low immune system for some time after breast cancer treatment. Since taking the shots I have noticed a huge difference in energy levels and the psoriasis I have bouts of has improved hugely. Also loving that I have managed to fight any colds this year before they have developed. Thanks Nutrient Rescue for such a brilliant product. It has truly helped me."

Judy Spicer
The double shot has boosted my immunity.

"I particularly like the fact the double shot has boosted my immunity. They have really got me through winter! I wasn’t taking them last winter and have really noticed a difference this year."

Anna Johnstone
97% success

We surveyed 2,000 of our customers and 97% of respondents reported they had more energy, improved immunity and a reduction in ailments within 30 days of starting Nutrient Rescue.

Dial up your nutrition the smart way

with our blend of nutrient-dense superfoods.

100% natural

Vegan friendly

Gluten free

Preservative & additive free

No refined sugars

Traceable ingredients

Need help deciding what's best for you?

One scoop, every day, for 30 days is all it takes.
If you want to make one small positive change to your life, this is your shot.