Real stories, from real people.

Meet our Shotsters. Real people from across the world share their stories about how Nutrient Rescue has helped transform their lives.

Simon's story.

"Since my days as Ryman's CEO I've been searching for a new mission, one that would be less taxing on my health and more importantly one that might actually slow down the progression of Parkinsons and improve my quality of life. I discovered Nutrient Rescue. I was my usual sceptical self, but I couldn’t argue with the evidence - after just a few weeks of taking the shots I felt way better."

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Chris's story.

"Whilst juggling a full-time job as a Police Officer, being the best dad I can be and trying to stay at the pointy end of the competition as a runner, I find Nutrient Rescue to be the perfect addition to ensuring I get the added nutrients when time is against me."

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Tanya's story.

"I've seen some testimonials of people noticing changes in their first week or months. It took a couple of months before I started seeing changes to my energy levels and alertness. I've been anaemic and sickly for so long with arthritis and other health issues."

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