I am a single mother with a young daughter who is super fussy with her food. I find matter what I offer it’s never got enough vegetables in it and I struggle to get my 5 plus a day. Since my brother (who is a nutrient rescue fiend) bought me a pack for a gift I haven’t looked back. I still work just as hard but I have better energy, I sleep better and quite a few of my patients have asked why I’m doing as I look great. I have Crohn’s disease which means I can’t always have leafy greens as they can cause issues with my gut. But I've had no problems with your green or red shots. They also taste great. And I can feel the benefit of just a few months of taking them.

Next plan is to get my fussy child on to it. This is the best way I’ve ever found to get all the nutrition I need in an easy, tasty and cost effective way. Keep up the awesome work.

P.S. As a nurse I deal with many people who can’t eat well for various reasons. I have told a few of them about your product as it can suit a wide variety of diets and I think some will be coming your way soon.

Luisa Wengler