I've been taking the double shots daily since April and love how much better I feel right from the first shot. I have more energy and mental clarity all day, no afternoon tiredness and I've reduced my coffee intake to just 1 a day as I don't feel the need for it anymore.

Also I snack less and actually crave fresh vegetables! I have a hormonal imbalance disorder (PCOS) and I feel like my moods are more balanced, my hair, skin and nails are definitely better.

After months of me talking about the shots my very sceptical husband has started taking them daily and has been amazed at the difference, he is feeling great. He said he can't quite pinpoint how he feels better but he doesn't fall asleep on the couch after dinner anymore and has cut out his daily coffee and energy drink out since taking the double shot.

So thank you, they have changed our lives!

Kirsty Webber