Why is it better than a multi-vitamin? 

Because Nutrient Rescue is a whole food (only water removed) as opposed to synthetic multivitamins, it has all the co-factors required for digestion, metabolism, etc. For example, the Red Shot has 95% of vitamin C RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) in each Shot and in a form that enables maximum absorption. Synthetic multivitamins can leach other micronutrients from the body in order to be digested thereby causing deficiency elsewhere. Multivitamins have a quality range, so unless they are top end and relatively expensive, lower cost synthetic vitamin x or mineral y won't necessarily be of benefit as body can't use them. The wholefood ingredients we use are organic where possible, and of the highest quality. As well as containing vitamins and minerals in bioactive and trace quantity amounts, our wholefood products contain a range of key plant phytochemicals such as chlorophyll and anthocyanins, which are not in multivitamins. In summary - whole food plant-based vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals (of which there are

4000) beat the pants off synthetic multivitamins in terms of body benefit.