How do I take my Green Shot?

Adults: We recommend one or two shots per day (5-10g).  Simply add 1 green scoop to the included dry shaker, add 55ml water replace lid, and shake! Alternatively, the shots can be mixed with fruit juice, almond milk or any beverage of your choice.   

Children: Children or those under 50kg should take HALF a serving of Green Shot, unless advised by a health care practitioner. 

  1. To begin, we recommend people take Green Shot with food, ideally with breakfast. This is because sometimes the high levels of chlorophyll may begin to stimulate detoxification systems.
  2. Once you are familiar with the product (usually within a week), we recommend taking the Green Shot on an empty stomach. This allows for the assimilation of nutrients in the product without any competition from other foods concurrently in the gut.