How are there 3 serves of whole green plant food in the Double Shot and Green Shot? 

To make Double Shot and Green Shot we take whole plant food and remove only the water. It takes a cup and a half of this whole plant food to produce the 5 grams of powder in one Double Shot and Green Shot. 

The Eat for Health guidelines for Australian adults ( give the serving size of non-starchy vegetables as 75g, or about half a cup. The cup and a half of whole green plant food in a Double Shot or Green Shot therefore equates to 3 serves of vegetables. 

The guidelines recommend that we should eat five or more servings of vegetables a day, and half of Australian adults are not doing this. In addition, there is mounting evidence to suggest that for even better health now and in the future, we should be eating a lot more than 3 serves of vegetables a day. 

Making Double Shot or Green Shot a regular part of your day is a great way to dial up your daily intake ofvegetables.